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Firearm and Security Training

From a Highly Experienced Team

About Our Instructors

Innovative Security Solutions, LLC has a team that holds Instructor Certificates in Law Enforcement and Military areas and have extensive Instructor Training.  Below are a few of our Instructor Certifications:

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  • Certified Handcuffing Instructor

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  • ASP Baton Instructor

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  • SABRE Pepper Spray Instructor

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  • Certified Use of Force Instructor

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  • Law Enforcement Pistol Instructor

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  • Law Enforcement Shotgun Instructor

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  • Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor

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  • Law Enforcement Semi-Auto Patrol Rifle Instructor

What Makes Us Stand Out

Our experience in the Security, Military and Training industry and the number of Instructor Certificates set us apart from other companies. Our Training is designed to educate our Students and assist them in being able to make strategic decisions and perform tactical reasoning in a multitude of situations.

When our team came together to create Innovative Security Solutions, we made it our goal to assist each Student in having the ability to react to the majority of the siuations that they would face.

The Instructor Team is headed by R. Andrew Steele, who has been in the industry for more than 30 years.

Mission Statement

It’s our responsibility to dynamically re-invent the Defensive Shooter and the Security Officer by using cutting edge, “out-of-the-box” thinking by continually updating our Training and Curricula while maintaining the highest industry standards in order to give the Student the best education and experience.

While upholding honesty and integrity at all times, we will assist each of our Students by teaching them the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge, using physical scenarios and classroom settings to educate the Students, and strengthen the Student's abilities through repetition and practice.

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What We Provide