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Training ​​For Security and Those Who Want to be Prepared for Real Life

Our Services

Innovative Security Solutions, LLC provides a wide range of Training services for our Students in New Mexico and surrounding states. We offer small-to-medium Classes to ensure individual Student attention from the Instructors.  We also provide Training Classes for select Security Companies. You can read more about what we provide below.

Security and Personal Protection Training Classes

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Classes and Services

  • Security Level One Training*
  • Security Level Two Training
  • Security Level Three Training
  • Pistol Training Workshop
  • Handcuffing Certification**
  • Baton Certification**
  • Pepper Spray Certification**
  • Shotgun Certification Class
  • Patrol / Semi-Auto Rifle Certification Class
  • Concealed Firearm Carry Class
  • Defensive Tactics**
  • Security Job Placement Assistance
  • Security Company Advisory Services

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Our goal is to give more information than the Student thought that they would receive.  We pride ourselves on helping each Student grow, learn and be much more prepared than they thought they would.

* (NOT Available as a 'Stand Alone' Class)

**(These Classes Are Available With the Level Two Class or as 'Stand Alone')

Level One Security Training

We believe the modern Security Officer should be more highly trained than in decades past.  Our Security Officer Level One Training is designed with that philosophy in mind.

Centered around the wisdom from 30+ years of Security experience, our Training Classes teach the Student not just the basics but also the insight that was learned from the field and administrative roles.

Topics taught include:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Mental Preparation
  • Search and Seizure
  • Authority and Responsibility
  • Much More!

Level Two Security Training

When Clients are serious about their Security, Level 2 Security Officers are first to be considered.  Innovative Security Solutions takes training these Security Officers very seriously.

People who enroll in this Class are taught Defensive Tactics, Handcuffing, Baton, and Pepper Spray ensuring that they have the foundation for being able to utilize the tools necessary for them to defend themselves and others.

This Class is only offered to those over the age of 21 and have completed the Level 1 Class, be registered with the State of New Mexico as a Level 1 Security Officer, or have enrolled in the Innovative Security Solutions Level 1 Class.  The State of New Mexico does not allow persons to only take the Level 2 Class without taking or being registered for the Level 1 Class also.

Level Three Security Training

Level 3 Security Officers are often the highest paid and are held in higher esteem; often being the first line of defense against Active Shooters or those who are intent on using deadly force against others.

This Class, which puts the enrolled Student through an understanding of laws regarding Use of force, the Seven Fundamentals of Marksmanship, the Four Core Safety Rules, the Four-Step Draw, care and handling of firearms, as well as other topics. 

Though this Class is not for beginners, it does assist the Security Officer in gaining their Level 3 Recognition which allows them to carry their firearm on duty.

Students must supply the following:

1. Duty Pistol

2. 200+ rounds of ammunition

3. Duty Belt and Holster

4. Personal Protective Equipment

Pistol Training Workshop

(Appropriate for Beginner through Advanced Shooters)

The Pistol Training Workshop is designed for those who want to become more proficient with their pistol.  Application coaching and shooting drills allow the Shooter to practice their abilities and learn to operate their pistol platform to a greater application.

This Class is encouraged for new shooters or those who want to practice for their Security Level 3 or Concealed Carry Weapon Qualification.

Students must supply the following:

1. Duty Pistol

2. 200+ rounds of ammunition

3. Duty Belt and Holster

4. Personal Protective Equipment

Rifle / Shotgun Training Classes

No matter how familiar you are with your Shotgun or Rifle, insurance regulations dictate that all Security Officers who carry one of these Primary Weapons must be Certified to have them on the Client's properties.

Our Certification Classes offer the Security Officer a course that is designed to not only develop a "training reflex" in utilizing them, but also teaches how to run these weapon systems like an expert!

Each Class is available for groups of 5 or more.  Call us for pricing.

Pepper Spray / Baton / Handcuffing / Defensive Tactics Classes

For those who need individual Training Certifications, these Classes are offered to groups of 5 or more.

Contact us for pricing.

Security Company Advisory Services

Running and operating a Security Company can be difficult.  Often, costly mistakes are made.  With over 30 years of Security experience in the field and in administrative roles, we have the ability to assist Security Companies in avoiding pitfalls and can help enhance the Company so that it becomes a much more profitable investment.

Services and assistance vary from Company to Company.  Call for a free consultation.

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